South East
Garage: Maidenhead Mini Centre
a: 82 Moorbridge Road
t: 01628 636030
Recommended by: Me
Recommended for: A fairly small place, but the guy seems to know what he's on about and the prices are reasonable.
Garage: Madera Garage
a: May Road
East Sussex
Recommended by: Drew
Recommended for: Good rates for servicing & repairs, quality workmanship and accurate estimates.
Garage: Newport Motors
a: 5, Newport Road
GU12 4PB
t: 01252 315258
Recommended by: Alexa Briggs
Recommended for: I've been taking my mini there for over 3 years and he does a very good job and is very friendly, helpful and full of good advice. He can suit his work to my student's budget easily, but also does very high quality restorations. He has a spares shop and buys MOT failures so he can fit reconditioned second hand parts to cars when owners want to save money. A real gem of a garage!
Garage: Palmer Brothers
a: Albert Rd
t: 020 8857 3232
Recommended by: Andrew Robinson
Recommended for: Mini specialist with years of experience in Mini motor sport. Have made several of their own custom minis that have won shows and been featured in magazines. They are also very well priced and close to London.